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A History of Car Slogans

discount auto partsAs far back as 1898, when the Winton Motor Carriage Company put an ad in a magazine telling people to “Dispense with a horse,” there have been car slogans (taglines). In order to stay ahead of their competitors, carmakers change their slogans quite often. For a quick trip down memory lane, here are the top eight car manufacturers’ best taglines from the past and present. How many can you remember?


Current tagline: Drive One.

“Drive One’” has been used in theU.S., and “Feel the Difference” has been used inEuropefor the past six years. Now, however, the carmaker has just changed its slogan to “Move Forward,” which will be used in both European and domestic marketing campaigns in 2012. “Drive One” was directly preceded by the slogan, “Bold One.” (Note: Ford’s new tagline “Move Forward” is not to be confused withToyota’s “Moving Forward”).

Some of the other slogans that Ford has used in the past include:


“Ford. Designed for living. Engineered to last.”

“Have you driven a Ford lately?”

“Built for the road ahead.”


Current taglines: Chevy Runs Deep and Excellence for Everyone.

Chevrolet’s marketing campaigns usually have a couple of slogans running at the same time, and in the past ten years, Chevy has only changed them every other year or so. Some of the most popular past slogans for Chevrolet include:

“Putting you first keeps us first.” (All countries – 1960’s).

“Baseball, Hotdogs, Apple Pie & Chevrolet.” (All countries – mid 1970’s through 2006).

“The Heartbeat of America” (All countries – 1987–1994).

“May the Best Car Win” (U.S.andCanada- 2009–2010).


Current tagline: Touch The Perfection.

At any given moment,Toyotahas had taglines on top of taglines; the car manufacturer routinely runs several different slogans at the same time and changes them a lot. A very small sampling of them (geared toward all countries) includes:

“Your new experience of motoring.”

“Drive Your Dreams.”

“The car in front is aToyota.”

“Today TomorrowToyota.” (Europe)

“Toyota. Moving Forward.”
“The best built cars in the world.”
“Get the Feeling.Toyota.”

“Oh, what a feeling, Toyota.”
“I love what you do for me. Toyota.”
“You asked for it, You got it.Toyota.”


Current tagline: Making A Difference For You.        

Sometimes car companies will have different taglines for different models; Honda is one company that does this a lot. Some of their past taglines are:

Honda Accord:  “Honda Ingenuity, Inside and Out.”

Honda Civic: “Pure Exhilaration.”
Honda Jazz: “Why So Serious?”

Honda City:  “Enjoy Your Challenges.”

Honda Civic Hybrid: “Truly Honda by Nature.”

Honda CR-V: “Live Up.”

Acura: “The True Definition of Luxury. Yours.” and “Precision Crafted Performance.”


Current tagline: Confidence in Motion.

Past Subaru slogans include:

“Think. Feel. Drive.” (U.S.)

“When You Get It, You Get It.” (U.S.)

“All 4 the Driver.” (Australia)

“The World’s FavoriteFour Wheel Drive.” (U.K.)

Hyundai Motors

Current tagline: Drive Your Way.

Along with its normal ad campaign slogan, Hyundai is another manufacturer that has separate taglines for each model, such as:

Hyundai Getz Prime: “Drive Global.”
Hyundai Santro: “The Complete Family Car.”
Hyundai Santro XING: “The Sunshine Car.”
Hyundai Sonata Embrera: “Undoubtedly Distinguished.”
Hyundai Verna: “Feel it.”
Hyundai Tucson: “Your Spirit of Adventure.” and “Makes Everyday an Adventure.”


Current tagline: The Best or Nothing.

Mercedes dropped “Unlike Any Other” for its current tagline in 2010. Slogans from previous years include:

“Fast Forward to Tommorow.”

“Mercedes-Benz. The Future of the Automobile.”
“Engineered to Move the Human Spirit.”


Current tagline: A New Standard of the World.

Cadillac has taglines starting all the way back in 1905 with, “You Can Kill a Horse, but Not a Cadillac,” and there have plenty more since. Here are some blasts from the Cadillac ads past:

“Every Cadillac is a Dewar Trophy.” (1911)

“It’s a ‘Who’s Who’ of the Highway!” (1952).

“More Eloquent Than Words!” (1952)

“It OutSteps its Own Great Traditions!” (1958)

“In a Realm All its Own…Cadillac.” (1959)

“Cadillac, Universal Symbol of Achievement.” (1959)

“Go West Young Man … in a 1966 Cadillac!” (1966)

“Once you drive it, you won’t give it back.” (1968)

“Isn’t it Time You Stopped Dreaming and Started Living?” (1970)

“Cadillac. Who deserves one more than you?” (1982)

“You’ve Arrived.” (1984)

“Best of All, it’s a Cadillac.” (1982-1985)

“Once you go Cadillac, you never go back.” (2008)


Car manufacturers want to sell cars, and to do that, they need to have catchy slogans. More now than ever before, automobile makers have to stay ahead of the competition. Thus, don’t be surprised when your favorite car’s manufacturer changes its marketing campaign with a new slogan often. They want your favorite car to stay your favorite car, as Volvo says, “For Life.”

This post was written and contributed by Edson Farnell. Edson writes about various automotive topics, such as Mercedes Benz luxury cars and discount auto parts.








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